New & Humble Beginnings

As a wife, a mother and a hobbiest

May 28, 2006

In loving memory -
AJ Carter 9/25/1984 - 5/28/2006

Good bye dear friend, we'll all miss you deeply.


Andrew Jackson Carter

May 25, 2006

All in a day's play -
One of my absolute favorite things to do is spend the day with my spinning buds, Elisa and Susie. Susie is a kick to be around. She is one of the most giving people I know; sharing her wealth of information whenever we get together. She's one of those "natural teacher types". She's been active in fiber arts more than half her life; (quite a bit more), spinning, weaving, knitting, etc...
Anyway.....we Christened Elisa’s, (nearly completed) new and improved, craft room yesterday. Susie brought her darling little gem-of-a-wheel.

Isn't this cool?

How blessed am I to have so many of these women in my life?

We really had it all going on yesterday. E's room was big enough for her to pick her fiber.

I blended my (first home dyed) silk and mohair - into these lovely batts.

Elisa also spun a while, she went

from this,

to this..................Simply gorgeous Elisa!

It truly was a most wonderful day. I can't wait to go back.

Call me anytime E - my calandar looks pretty open.

May 24, 2006

What’s Mother’s Day like when your kids don’t play soccer?
I can’t remember. Every year on Mothers Day weekend our family is at a local soccer tournament. Chuck is coaching and ref-ing; I’m volunteering at a booth or popping in for a quick helping hand in the snack bar. The kids are playing soccer - a couple games each day. This year their team didn’t place, but they had a lot of fun just the same.Since Cory will be too old to play in the tournament next year and it will be Dylan’s last year, I may find out real soon what Mothers Day is like while not on the soccer field. Mother’s Day isn’t a total bust. My family lets me know they love me (that’s all I really care about). I’m not what you'd call showered with gifts but I have NO complaints. Chuck doesn’t disappoint - especially thse last couple years. Last year, I rec’d my dream camera, which allows me to take the pictures you see here. This year, I was completely surprised with a coo-coo clock. I JUST LOVE THAT THING. (Thank you, Elisa, for whispering in my husband’s ear). The two birds on the sides bob up and down as if to check the eggs in the nest between them. While the coo-coo bird comes out of his little door and coo-coo’s once for each hour displayed on the clock face and once every half hour. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you honey, I love you.
What's not to love?

May 23, 2006

Picking Fiber is a dangerous hobby -
I'm lucky enough to have a couple friends that went in on a PG picker with me. I love that!! The picker is nice too. Well "nice" probably isn't the best discription for a picker. That thing bites - hard. It draws blood and everything -
Don't feel too sorry for me just yet cuz I'm not as stupid as I look. (Stop laughing Chuck). It bit me once, I thought "shame on you, you nasty picker". It bit me twice and I thought "ouch" then I thought "shame on me, for not having more respect for this nasty picker." But wait - look what I found...............

Such a "handy" invention. (Don't you hate bad puns?)

(It's OK mom, that's NOT blood coming through the leather).

Well, the gloves sure did save the day. I ended up with some beautiful wool and even more beautiful mohair- all ready to go to the carder. Gosh I love this hobby. :D

Ain't it pretty?

Don't you love the Barbie tool? I know what my friend Susie uses this for.
What do you suppose Barbie uses it for?

They live-
My littlest family of critters – they’re all awake and mingling on a daily basis now. Aren’t they cute? :D They all have their own adorable personalities. The smallest one is named, Fluffy, acting like the "puppy" of the group. He is playful and active, curious and fearless. Fiona, (the only female - she has the smooth shell) is very scheduled and has her definite routines each day. I always know where to find her, depending on the time of day and the whether. Ronnie (our newest addition) is the mysterious one. He is rarely doing the same thing, in the same place, at the same time. He’s a bit more aloof (acts like he’s still a little sleepy). I wonder if he thinks he’s still dreaming. After all, he was taken from his home, of 17 years, and this time when he woke up – everything is different. I’m sure it will take him a little time to adjust, but he does mingle now, so I’m not too worried – yet. I just adore watching them. I think they all feel secure. Well..... at least they all know where to go for their food now. Pretty cute eh?

This is the first time they have all seen each other. We’ve had all three for quite a while now, (got the third one in late Sept 05) but the other two were hibernating when Ronnie arrived. Soon afterward, Ronnie went into hybernation too. So they have all just recently met. Fluffy, the ornate box turtle,(you can barely see him - he's in the shadows near the fence) has been with us the longest. We purchased him from a reptile show in June 2004 for my youngest son’s birthday (a turtle was the only thing on his birthday wish list). We adopted, Tiffany, the female California desert tortoise, who we renamed, Fiona, (because she is such a princess) when Chuck’s (mlh- my loving husband) sister moved out of state in July 2005. They needed to find a good home for her and we were more than happy to accomodate. Apparently, word got out we were adopting - because shortly thereafter, we were asked if we’d be interested in adopting Ronnie, (my son, Cory, calls him Reagan and I call Spot – due to a drop of green paint on his shell) when some friends knew of a family looking for a home for their beloved tortoise of 17 years. Also due to a move out of state. So suddenly we had our family of ………. we’ll call them “turtles” for simplicity sake. Earlier this month Fiona and Fluffy emerged and Ronnie is just now starting to come out and play. He’s a little slow to wake up. Although, he was the last one to go down for his long winter nap (kinda’ like Chuck – always the last one to bed).

May 19, 2006

They all laughed –
I was introduced to the idea of spinning by mdfE, (my dear friend, Elisa) at a scrap booking crop in late October '05. I took one look at the fiber she had spun and my heart leapt, seriously leapt from my chest. I instantly knew this is something I had to do. I immediately put a Lendrum, traveling spinning wheel, on my Christmas wish list (mind you - I didn’t know how to spin). There was no doubt I was going to do this and I was going to love it. My actions over the next month and a half obviously convinced mlh (my loving husband) I was going to spin, because shore ‘nuf he bought me that sweet, sweet, spinning wheel (aka Sweetie) for Christmas.
My kids laughed as I opened her because I was crying the second I laid eyes on her. Actually, I think the tears started flying before I got the box completely open. Just knowing what was inside started the water works. She was beautiful, I didn’t know what to do with her, but I loved her already. I’d peak inside the box periodically, over the next few days, just to see her. Once the Christmas hustle and bustle was over - on New Years Eve - mdfE invited me over for a spinning lesson. It was my 17th wedding anniversary. How could I leave? How could I go learn to spin on my 17th wedding anniversary? Phhfffff! - It was easy. Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from going - and mlh knew it. He just laughed and said “go”. Without hesitation I was off. Sweetie tucked away, safe and sound, in her box and my heart a pitter-patter with excitment. Upon my arrival, I proceeded to open the box. Observantly, mdfE noticed Sweetie had never been completely removed from her box before (plastic wrap still intact). She laughed, as she said “I can’t believe you haven’t set your wheel up yet”. To which I replied, “I don’t know how, I was hoping you'd show me”. We both laughed, as she simply said , “amazing”! I realized it was pretty amazing. I had received a fairly expensive Christmas gift from mlh (who must have a lot of faith in me) and I had no earthly idea how to use this little honey, much less set her up. But he knew, he knew, I’d learn and I’d love. Once again mlh proved himself to be Mr. “right”.

May 18, 2006

I suprised myself -

What can you make when all you know is a chain stitch, single and double crochet?
I had NO idea. I just learned how to crochet those stiches days earlier.
After a few minutes of thinking "I might be able to create something"

~ shore 'nuf - I did! :D
I fiddled and fussed and ended up with this cute little hat.
Since I purchased this yarn with my sister, Diane, in mind (it just reminded me of her - I don't know why). I wondered if she’d like this little number. ?? Especially since I decided to make a matching scarf. I couldn't wait to find out, but it was one of her Christmas gifts so I waited. ....

I sure hope she likes having the very first ever "Sharon original."
Her smile says "yes".