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July 10, 2006

Nibble & Knit-
It always cracks my family up when I tell them I'm going to "Nibble & Knit". I don't know why, but they can never seem to get the name correct. It has been called; "Knit a Nibble", "Nibble-a-lot", "Snack n' Sew", "Nibble & Kibble", you name it.

Once a month I go to a quaint small town coffee house, called Stir Crazy, (I don't even want to know how many ways my family could slaughter the name of this place), where I meet up with anywhere between 6 and 14 other fiber fanatics. It is one of my simple pleasures to see and hear about the projects everyone is currently working on, or to get advice on how to resolve a problem with a project, or to share a pattern, or just mingle with people who understand and share a passion for fiber and the fiber arts.

We usually sit inside where the smell of fresh brewed coffee lingers in the air and the clinking of spoons can be heard stirring ones brew. However with the recent heat of summer, we have moved to the outdoor patio where we sit under a canopy of trees that shade us and we can even catch an occasional breeze. It is just lovely and so relaxing.

Cary, the organizer and founder of our group, passes out numbered tickets to all. One of which will be randomly drawn toward the end of the evening, enabling one lucky attendee to go home with a small gift. The gift is supposed to be provided by the previous month’s winner. It is just a lovely, lovely, relaxing, educational and fun evening.

It’s no wonder it has almost doubled in size, just in the short time since I started attending, in October, last year.

The group is diversified in their craft, some are knitters, some crochet, some are published designers and some have a small business - selling their goods to local boutiques, and several spin their own yarn.

Nibble and Knit is open to all who want to come. Beginners are not only welcomed but encouraged and nurtured. No wonder I love it so.

It is always a treat to go, and I look forward to my monthly meetings with my Nibble and Knit pals.


  • At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Wenona said…

    Sorry I had to miss this last time. There's always next month. You should give copies of these pics to Cary for the website.


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