New & Humble Beginnings

As a wife, a mother and a hobbiest

August 21, 2006

Finally -
I haven't updated in such a long time as I was informed my blog had a seriously SLOW loading problem. It has taken some time to discover the problem, but I believe I have it under control now and hope to move on.

Construction has been moving along VERY smmmooothly since my last post. All our water is where it should be and I have low floors and high ceilings. What more could I ask for in a new addition?

We have gone from this................................

to this..................

and only 1 ((HOT)) month later.......................this as of today.

At The Fair I entered several items this year (which is a first for me) and even worked in the Handweavers and spinners booth as a "student weaver". What a blast I had learning.

Those who know are telling me I'm doing a great job for a newbie.
All I know is I've found another fiber art that I am in love with.
I entered 6 fiber items - and 11 scrapbook items. For all I took home Seven 1st place ribbons, Four 2nd place ribbons and five Honorable Mentions and one item that didn't get recognized at all. So I was more than pleased with the returns. I entered items strictly as a learning experience, not expecting to win a thing. I think what really made it so fun was the complete unexpected surprise of the wins. Woo-hoo!!! :D Good times!

The eye brow dilemma
continues. For anyone who knows me very well, knows, I have hated my eyebrows since I was about 12 years old. In the 7th grade I shaved them off.
I just couldn't stand seeing them in the mirror - I thought they were so hideous. Well I didn't help matters at all by doing this, because I had a problem with sections growing back properly and then couldn't shape them properly because I had bald spots. What a mess!!! I have decided I am going to turn 50 without an eyebrow fetish. I am going to figure one way or another how to get them the shape (or at least a heck of a lot closer to) the shape and distance apart that they should be. I have experimented with eyebrow pencils to get the shaping going, but I am leaning toward eyebrow tattooing for a permanent solution. I have a whole lot of research to do before I agree to such a thing, but it looks promising. This is closer to what I'm shooting for.

ALL Feedback is MUCH appreciated.